My mountain

Working my way to the top,
trying with all I have,
Then all of a sudden,
Flat land?
I open my eyes with such joy,
Then I studder
No, I was just up three fourths of the way up,
I kept climbing, with once again,
All I have in me,
Finally I reach the top,
Knowing that I did it,
I have overcome the mountain,
The mountain of all the fears, aches,
And all the times that I was told I can’t do it,
Everyone that doubted me was wrong,
I, proved them wrong,

Poem Titles!

○Shut The Door


○I Am Tired


○School Days


○April Showers


○Cowboys And Indians



○Everyone Be Happy

○Love Yourself

○Puppys/ Dogs

○Sea life Smiles


○Win The Game

○Movie Night, Alright!

○Play outside

○Fame and Family

Making the world a better place!♥!

  ears The world is a really cool place, but we need to  do our best to make it better! Todays blog post is about how we can make the world better. I believe that we can accomplish many things, even the little ones!

  As long as everyone does their part in society, I think that the world will be much better. For example: I am in this group at my school, we all get together about once or twice a month. The last meeting we thought that getting a recycle bin would change a little bit of the world’s health. We finally all agreed and got the recycle bin. When it got here the first thing we did was name him, we called him ‘Big Ben’. We are trying to spread the word about when you can bring your trash from home to the recycle bin. Today at school we all threw our milk jugs and cartons in the recycle bin!♥♥♥

Our kindness post By: Chelsea and Sydney!

   For me and Chelsea’s project, we picked four possibilities…

  • Help people with school work
  • Help read more often
  • Play with people at recess
  • Be partners with someone who doesn’t get attention often

We decided to Help a person out by pulling them out of class to talk about a subject they need help with. We picked this because we thought since when you get attention from someone, it makes you feel happy. Also it would be nice to discuss their reading. We are going to help Katie.

  We picked katie because our teacher recommended her to us.



Kindness Journal

Day 1:

Thoughts about what we could do…

  1. Help people with school work
  2. Give cards to people who don’t get that much attention
  3. Tutor people and talk about their book
  4. Be a partner with a person that does not get attention often

Day 2:

We chose to do number three, talk about their book.

Where: Either in the hallway or in the gym

When: On Tuesdays and Thursdays 

How: Talk about their book and help with whatever else she needs help with.

Day 3:

We decided to help Katie because when we ask our teacher, he said she wasn’t getting much reading logged, and needs help with reading more.

Today me and Chelsea asked our social studies teacher if we were allowed to take Katie out of the classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (She said yes.)


How much time do you spend online?

Brothers and sister on sofa with digital tablets and mobile

    Should teenagers time online be limited?   I think that everyone shouldn’t be limited, but I think that how ever long a person is on the internet for one day, the next day they have to stay of it that long. I think this because we do this process at our house. For example, if I was on the computer for two hours, then the next day when I get home from school, I would wait two hours until I got on.


    How much time do I spend online?   I spend an hour online at school for ELA , but when I get home I am on for about 2 hours. I usually just catch up on the latest episodes on Netflix, and play a couple games.


   What is the effect of this?   I don’t think it has much of an effect on me, but I never get on the internet right when I get home from school. I always do at least one chore, feed and water my chickens and use the bathroom before I get on my phone and kindle fire.


   If I were a parent I would…   Do the same thing we do at my house, make sure they are not on it long.



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Life lessons from Dr.Seuss

Life LessonsLife lessons are important, they teach im meyou things and you learn from them. I am going to talk about number ten on the list, “Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.”

This quote reminded me of something in my life from a while ago, my family went on vacation to Cedar Point one time. My family split up in two groups, one adult would take the little kids to the rides and the others would takes the bigger kids and other adults to the rides. Then, after an hour or so they would switch places.

We all had a really good time, but when it was time to go everyone wanted to stay. My little brother wanted to ride more rides, but we had to go. He was really mad the whole way home!

Also, when we went to the Columbus Zoo he wanted to stay too. He was really tired though…   he ended up falling asleep in the car.♥ We stopped at a restaurant and he was barely able to get out of the car to go eat.

Well that is all I really have to say, let me know which one of these reminded you of something.☺

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bun222  Have you ever been inspired by someone? Well, I have! When I was in third grade, I wrote a story. I didn’t think it was all that good, but then my mom told me all I had to do was work on it and it would turn out to be a lot better.

  My story was called The Sad Bunny. I wrote it three years ago. But, I still make changes to it and edit it to this very day. Sometimes I mess up the words a bit, and it needs to be fixed. Also, I add things to it if it needs it. When I feel like it is a waste of my time, my mom tells me it will be fine. 

  Sometimes, I take a break from it and I stop for a while. But then, after my *Break* I alway go right back to it. 

   My ELA teacher told us to write on our blogs about a story and I posted my story there if you want to check my story out. I changed the ending a bit because I didn’t have enough time to finish the ending I wanted.

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Video Games

 eye Sometimes I play video games. Not very often though. I usually play games like Minecraft, Dumb ways to die, Black Ops, Fnaf, and every now and then other games. 

   A lot of people play video games, but some people don’t.( at all.) I like to play them sometimes, but I also like to do other things. Like swim, read, do chores, etc. 

  One time, I stayed up until 3 o’clock in the morning playing Minecraft with my friend. We were making A quiz for each other. We had to put questions on signs and put down two doors. If they chose the right one, they got to move on to the next question. If they got it wrong, then they lost the game.

   I also play this game called Eyes. My friend named Annabelle showed me this game. It is a game where you are a robber that is trying to loot from an old haunted house. But, while you are looking for money bags you also have to hide from the ghost. If you get scared easily, I wouldn’t recommend it to you…♥